Whoa ... where has the week gone?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Somehow, it is already Wednesday and I am just coming up to breathe. Last week's assignment went well and I got my critique. My mentor offered some really good suggestions and it was no surprise that my sketches need some work.

This week the new pose is to show excitement. This should be fun on a character with no face! I have been practicing sketching every day and I am playing with several different pose ideas (examples to come later).

The second assignment is our first animation! The quintessential bouncing ball that is part of any animator's foundation.

I used a video reference of a basketball bouncing off of YouTube (gotta love YouTube). Most of yesterday's animation work was analyzing and planning my bounce sequence. I am probably being way too meticulous as I measured and timed every keyframe (height of bounces and hits) and matched those to frame numbers.

Here is my first pass at the animation so it still needs work.


ThinMan said...

Nice first pass, West.

One thing that sorta stuck out to me here(and I know you've may have tweaked since you posted this), but to me it seems like the ball slows down pretty abruptly(in relation to the rest of the animation, anyway) at around frame 45-47.
In reality it probably isn't that abrupt at all, just when it's put right after the first quicker looking part of the animation. If that makes any sense.

The contacts on your residual bounces read a little bit "heavy" to me here too. Nothing major, but just enough to make me think it's a heavier object than it really is.

Good stuff so far.

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