Two are better than one

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
This week's assignment is to show two balls bouncing that have different weights.

Here is my first rough version.

Comments are welcome.


ThinMan said...

Looking pretty solid as a first pass, West.

It'd help me more for sounding off if I knew what specific sort of balls these were. I assume the one on the right is a bowling ball? Red one seems to be looking pretty good....unless you tell me it's supposed to be a beach ball or kid's kick ball. :)

At any rate, without knowing the types I will say this: The bounces on the heavier ball seem reeeeeally violent/quick. Almost "ping pong ball-esque." If a ball was as heavy as this one seems to be, based on the drop, I'm not sure it could bounce that high that fast(unless, of course, you were dropping it off the Chrysler which case it would penetrate to the center of the earth anyway :) ). You may just want to look at the heights of those bounces again.

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