Side view of Stu slouching (by request)

Monday, April 4, 2011
A lot of you wanted to see the pose from a different angle. Here is a side view.


Usman Olomu said...

Good. Lower his back into the chair a little more, so that only his head is facing the laptop. Also if you want to go for the whole slouch look, perhaps have his left hand rest on his belly, giving off the impression that he's a lazy ass with a pot/beer belly.

Try loosening the legs up a little more, one slightly further away from the other. What you have now is what is often referred to as twining in animation. Avoid having the posed looking mirrored, always think of asymmetry when posing your character. I most certainly am no expert in animation after all I too am attending AM. This is just constructive criticism.

West said...

Thanks. That makes a lot of sense. I'll try some of that out.

Jeff said...

Hey, West,

Took a quick look at these pose images and your sketches. Nice first pass.

The only thing I can think to bring up is predicated on a question: Is that left hand "load bearing"? In other words, is the character slouching, but being held up with that left arm?

If he is I'm thinking it may need a little less bend to the elbow. Right now it looks like the left arm is just resting on the couch(which could be exactly what you're trying for, but I went and did the slouch myself on my couch, with the arm out like that, and it felt like it needed to be supporting the weight to me.)

If he isn't being held up by that arm....then you can ignore me. :)

West said...

It's funny you mentioned that. I found myself having to try it out different ways last night to figure out what worked. I was trying to make it so left arm is just resting. When I leaned on mine I realized that pose felt more awkward and would not be comfortable on my left arm for very long.

Jeff said...

Well, that answered my question. "He isn't leaning on that arm." :) Fair enough.

If the left arm is just resting, maybe give it a little more slack? Pull the elbow back in toward the side a bit? So his elbow is breaking more "down" than "up. I think that may make the arm look a little more relaxed. It looks a little bit like he's bracing it in the front view render you've posted, which could be what led me to think it was supporting more weight than you'd intended. Tenting the fingers may help a little too. Again, I think that could give the hand a bit more of a relaxed look.

Just spitballin' here.

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