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Tuesday, April 5, 2011
I started wondering how I might make Stu's pose on the couch into something more dynamic so I just through this together for fun and to keep practicing using Stu's rig and getting faster and more comfortable with how to get him into the pose I want (IK/FK).


Unknown said...

NIce one!!
But I'd say if he is making this kind of kick his weight should be moved to his left hand. I mean if you try to do such think on the couch you would probably fall and the only thing, that keeps him from falling id his left hand.
And again without shadows I can't say if he is sitting or standing (espesially on the 2 picture)

West said...

I see what you mean. I have the same problem with whether his falling back or launching forward. I've been trying to keep the renders pretty simple, but I think I will change my settings see what this looks like with better shadow casting. Thanks.

Unknown said...

No problem, btw where did you get that AM logo on the right?

Unknown said...

hey West, I have some comments on that pose you have. I mean not me, but Alberto made some comments but it's a picture. Where can I send it to you?

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