Stu slouching version 3

Thursday, April 7, 2011
In the time since I posted the alternate version of Stu slouching on couch, I have tried to read up more on line of action and also using the silhouette to check how well the pose reads. With that in mind I offer a new version that I would really appreciate feedback on. This is the pose I want to turn in for my assignment and would like to tighten things up as much as I can within reason.

One other note, after our Q&A this week I decided to revert back to only the default light for this shot, which is why it looks darker. I might play around with some techniques to change, but the shot and pose are what counts. (Click images for larger versions)

And for comparison here is the previous shot:


Nicole Ridgwell said...

I think this is a big improvement, it looks fantastic! Maybe you could raise his right elbow a bit to silhouette his arm a bit more?

West said...

You are assuming I have figured out how to control that IK handle well enough for that ;)

ThinMan said...

I certainly like the staging/camera angle better on this one. Gives me a better view of his line of action and the curve of that spine. Nice.

What's your major stumbling point w/the IK handle, West? I've been using IK for a while now, so I may be able to help in that regard.

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