My first attempt at a pose (WIP)

Sunday, April 3, 2011
This is based on a couple of sketches I did this weekend. Let me know what you think.


Pascal said...

Hey nice pose, i like it! Don't know what to do better

Usman Olomu said...

I assume they must'e given you a word to focus on, then to pose it appropriately. I'm thinking 'Slouch' I could be wrong.

Although I should mention that one hand is oddly positioned behind the proposed laptop. A suggestion he could be doing something he shouldn't LOL

West said...

LOL. The assignment was to go and sketch whatever we wanted, but you are right - I was focusing on the slouch. His right hand is ... uh... typing! Yes, typing!

I think I will post one of my other shots from a different angle.

Usman Olomu said...

lol cool dude no worries. I like the fact that they let you come up with your own ideas for the poses, which is great.

You most certainly have communicated clearly what you wanted the audience to see. You're off to a great start. Keep it up buddy!

Usman Olomu said...

Oh in addition to that if you're going for the slouch pose, try to arch his back forward from the chair a little more.

Max GariƩpy said...

Nice start on the posing West!

Even though the pose is easy to understand, I feel like there's something missing in the overall image. The left hand feels a bit too flat in my opinion and I think his back could be just little bit more straight. (Maybe like Usman said, you could try to arch his back forward).

Also, his legs are in a weird position, but maybe that's just me!

Great start West! Keep it up :)

West said...

I went and slouched down on my couch. Trust me I am no slouch when it comes to slouching (sorry). But my back definitely arches in like Stu. And it even pulls my stomach in. So I am not sure how to arch his back forward.

Thanks for all of the comments.

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