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Saturday, April 9, 2011
Here is the final pose and the sketch that I am turning in for my week 2 assignment.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to give me great feedback and support. This is a huge improvement over my first versions early on. Here is the first pose for comparison.


ThinMan said...

I think this looks really strong, West. Nice.

BTW, how're you rendering this? I've been using the MR method, which has decent results, but it seems you're getting more detail in the shadowed areas here(creases between body parts/etc) and not as much "blow out" on the lighter stuff than mine. I'm curious.

West said...

The render is using GI with raytracing and lots of other tweaks that I can explain in detail if you want. But my secret sauce is RenderMan. MR was giving me the same problems you describe as you can see in early render tests when tried using dark colors to tone the scene down. Only the final render in the last post and this one used RM.

My MR renders had about 6 lights to try to make it readable, and I never got it to work. With RenderMan it is a one click environment light that wraps the whole scene, no additional lighting.

BTW - We qualify for a student discount if you are ever interested.

PS I think your renders look really good.

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