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Thursday, March 24, 2011
study for the last month :)

This week my status at AM turned from Applicant to Student.  That means I am now officially in limbo in terms of access to certain AM website features like the forums and my Inbox.  My fellow classmates seem to be unaffected, so it probably means I have already been kicked out of school.  AM tech support did reassure me that all is normal.

AM is good about continuing to build the excitement and anticipation.  They posted a new welcome video and now our schedules show our mentors and our weekly QA times.  My new mentor is Scott Lemmer who has a long list of accomplishments.

Only 3d 20h 36m to go before class starts!


eric said...

hey i am in the same boat i got lemmer also! pretty good score to get such a good mentor right off the bat good luck and see ya monday

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