Check out my bouncing ball (not dirty)

Sunday, March 27, 2011
So for all of you out there who have been "practicing" and "studying" before class starts tomorrow (in 15hrs) and showing off your bouncing ball animations and walk cycles, well get ready to be blown away!!!

In a matter of mere minutes (about 60 of them) I too animated my first bouncing ball.  Ha! And some people (*cough* Adam) implied I might not have been doing any real studying.  Well here is the proof:

Second version with initial spin added:

As you can see a bouncing ball!  So I can now say to my fellows that while I played around with Maya's nCloth this weekend, it in no way interfered with my ability to animate said ball.

DISCLAIMER - Actual animation was created using Maya nCloth and dynamics and at no time did I actual animate the ball in the "traditional" sense.  I cheated :)


Max GariƩpy said...

Epic Win

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