Excitement and panic

Sunday, March 20, 2011
This morning while cruising our internal AM forums I ran across the blog of someone (Chase - blog link below) in the Winter term journaling his Class 1 lessons. On the one hand I am really excited to see what we will be doing week to week and on the other hand I am suddenly kicking into an emergency cram session with a healthy dose of panic fueling my motivation. I didn't realize we would start with human characters so quickly. Mostly it looks like posing early on and not animating. The animation exercises relate to different situations with balls moving. I also see that each week he sketches out the animation timing which looks really useful. It seems simple now that I saw his sketches, but I was reminded of the acceleration due to gravity (check Wikipedia if you want a refresh). Timing just became a little easier for me. Ironically I worked on a 2d animation of a ball rolling down a ramp yesterday and was just guessing - this would have helped.

Chase's blog is

Back to my emergency studying.

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