Less than 30 days to go

Sunday, February 27, 2011
I am getting more excited and a little nervous now that AM will start in less than a month. On Friday, I got my official enrollment notification. I now have access to more of the student AM website which includes a bunch of orientation videos and links to student discounts on software other services.

It is really start to feel more real. I am going to shift my time back to doing at least 4 hours every day 5x a week. I'll be focusing on working through "How to Cheat at Maya 2010" and probably rework through the Digital Tutors course on Introduction to Maya 2011. I just want to focus on getting faster and more familiar with using Maya. I also want to really focus on getting used to always working everyday even when I am not feeling into it, so I can reestablish some discipline.

The rest of my time will be spent continuing to work on my drawing and anatomy studies in both 2D and in ZBrush (3D sculpting).

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